The ANPAD – Brazilian Academy of Management is the leading national association of graduate programs, research groups, and researchers in the field of administration, accounting, and related fields.  

ANPAD has been operating since 1976 and brings together 104 graduate programs and more than 2,000 members from all over the country. Each year, ANPAD organizes three divisional meetings and one general meeting representing 11 research groups of our community. In addition, ANPAD publishes two leading academic journals – the Journal of Contemporary Administration (RAC) and BAR – Brazilian Administration Review, and one referenced database of scientific content (Spell). Also, it is responsible for Teste ANPAD, a nationwide used proficiency test for graduate programs.   

ANPAD also advocates in the interests of associated graduate programs in society and in the dialogue with the scientific community and government agencies responsible for regulating education, scientific and technological development in Brazil. 

Thus, ANPAD is an important space for dialogue, academic debates, and social experience, contributing to the exercise of democracy and citizenship, and aiming to advance the quality of research in management, accounting, and correlated fields. 


Induce high standards of teaching and research quality and represent graduate programs in business administration in Brazil.


  • Integration – promoting the collaboration among all ANPAD’s stakeholders.
  • Innovation – continuous search for new ways to deliver value to members to simplify and modernize processes.
  • Integrity – cultivating and advocating high ethical standards within members and society.
  • Inclusion – incorporating and promoting best practices of diversity, equality, inclusion, and respect in every ANPAD activity.



Since 1977, ANPAD has promoted one of the most important annual events in the area of management, the ANPAD Annual Meeting – EnANPAD. The meeting creates a space for debating and disseminating knowledge produced by the academic community.

In 2003, ANPAD started to promote the Doctoral Consortium, an event that occurs together with EnANPAD, designed to promote integration and exchange of ideas among students of Ph.D. programs in public and business administration, accounting, and related areas.

In addition, ANPAD promotes nine other thematic events that occur every three years, each organized by the related Academic Division.

  • ANPAD Organizational Studies Conference (since 2000) – Organizational Studies Division.
  • ANPAD Strategic Management Conference (since 2003) – Strategy Division.
  • ANPAD Public Administration Conference (since 2004) – Public Administration Division
  • ANPAD Marketing Conference (since 2004) – Marketing Division.
  • ANPAD Symposium of Innovation, Technology, and Entrepreneurship (since 2006 by ANPAD) – Innovation, Technology, and Entrepreneurship Division.
  • ANPAD Management Information Systems Conference (since 2007) – Management Information Systems Division.
  • ANPAD Conference on Management and Accounting Education and Research (since 2007) – Management & Accounting Education and Research Division.
  • ANPAD Conference on Human Resources Management and Industrial Relations (since 2007) – Human Resources and Labor Relations Division.
  • Symposium of Production Management, Logistics, and International Operations (since 2022 by ANPAD) – Operations Management and Logistics Division.

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Teste ANPAD (ANPAD Proficiency Test) was created in 1987 as a nationwide proficiency test that aims to standardize the student selection process for post-graduation programs in Business Administration, Accounting Sciences, and related areas in Brazil.

The Test can also be used by other institutions and organizations interested in improving their selection process, such as universities, private research centers, and corporations.

The exam measures the performance of participants in solving linguistic and interpretative problems in Portuguese and English, as well as logic/mathematical and analytical/argumentative problems, regardless of their graduate level.

Applicants can take Teste ANPAD as many times as needed. The results are valid for up to 2 (two) years. However, each institution is free to decide, within this period, which results to accept.

More information can be found on our website at the link below.

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