USP Postgraduate Program Opens Applications for Postgraduate Degree in Controllership and Accounting

| 03 Oct 2023

The Postgraduate Program in Controllership and Accounting at USP (PPGCC-FEAUSP) is announcing the opening of applications for the selection process for Master’s and Doctorate degrees in Controllership and Accounting for the 2024 classes. Applications will be available until 2nd January 2024 and must be submitted online through the link provided on the USP website.  

The PPGCC’s lines of research are:  

  • Line 1 – Controllership and Management Accounting  
  • Line 2 – Accounting for External Users  
  • Line 3 – Finance, Risk and Actuarial Science  
  • Line 4 – Education and Research in Accounting  

During the selection process for both the Master’s and Doctorate programmes, it will be necessary to take a general knowledge test, one of the options being the ANPAD test. For more information on the test, visit the website: ANPAD Test   

For further details on the enrolment process and requirements, see the institution’s website at the following link: Candidato a Aluno Regular | FEA – USP