UNAMA’s Postgraduate Program in Administration is now open for applications!

| 22 Jan 2024

The University of Amazonia (UNAMA) is currently accepting applications for the selection process for the master’s and doctorate programs in administration.  There are 20 places available for the master’s course and 10 for the doctorate. Applications will be accepted until January 30 and must be submitted through UNAMA’s selection system, available on the website:  https://pos.unama.br/stricto/  


The Postgraduate Program in Administration focuses on strategic management for sustainability and has two lines of research: (1) Organizational Management and (2) Public and Development Management.  


Candidates who have taken the ANPAD Test in the last three years with a score equal to or greater than 300 points will automatically be approved in the first phase of Stage 2 of the selection process. For more information on the exam, visit the website: ANPAD Test   


For further details on the selection process, see the announcement.