The importance of graduate studies

| 12 Aug 2022

Your career is an accomplishment of decisions that you decided to take. Professionals decide to specialize in one or more graduate courses to leverage their professional trajectory, whether academic or not.

When deciding to work in the private, public, or academic sector, a good professional knows that the knowledge applied to practice is capable of building opportunities. Therefore, continuing to study and improve yourself is the best option for those who want better results.

You’ve probably heard that knowledge is something to always look for, but more important than the quantity of knowledge is the quality of it and how you will apply it.

If you are looking for knowledge in the administrative and business fields, events, debates, and a community with the same interests as yours, taking a graduate course in the administrative area will introduce you to this environment. More than theoretical knowledge, being part of a community outside of your studying and teaching environment guarantees you an even deeper experience and knowledge. Participating in this will help you to learn more about your studies with innovative subjects, people, and environments, as well as contribute to your professional network.

Here at ANPAD, we recognize the importance that the area of administration and its correlates play in society, so our Brazilian Academy of Management is concerned with being part of this academic sector capable of leveraging your career and making you a professional with quality knowledge. After all, promoting teaching, research, and knowledge production within the field of administrative, accounting and related sciences in Brazil is our job. We bring together graduate programs (master’s and doctorate courses), representing the interests of affiliated institutions with public opinion and we work for the interests of the programs before the scientific community and government, being also responsible for managing education, scientific and technological development in Brazil.

How about you, are you taking advantage of all the opportunities that your graduate course and ANPAD have to offer? Remember: knowledge is the only thing that no one can take it from you!