The 16th edition of the biannual IFSAM congress is already this week! 

| 02 Sep 2022

The 16th edition of the biannual IFSAM congress is approaching. The congress will be promoted in collaboration with ANPAD, as part of the XLVI EnANPAD program and will be held free of charge and online between the 7th and 9th of September. The theme will be “Opportunities and Challenges in a Changing Business & Management Higher Education Landscape”, during the event, panelists from academia and the business world will meet to discuss topics related to research, teaching, and extension in the field of administration. 

The International Federation of Scholarly Associations of Management (IFSAM) is a federative organization made up of management-related academic associations and aims to be the United Nations of management-related academies around the world. 

The congress will feature six round tables covering the following topics: 

  • Revisiting research assessments in times of impact 
  • Open science in management research: trends and challenges  
  • Technology, change, and the future of business education 
  • Profile changes in doctoral programs around the world 
  • Models of cooperation with business practice 
  • Integrity, responsibility, and pursuit of excellence in the practice of teaching and research in administration 

The congress also has a session dedicated to discussing the applicability of the IFSAM soft policy related to the evaluation of research in administration in the Brazilian context. 

For more information about dates, panelists, and registration for the congress, visit the website.