Registrations Open for IDW 2024 in Partnership with Universidad EAFIT

International News
| 25 Jun 2024

The city of Medellín, Colombia, will host the Idea Development Workshop (IDW) on December 3, 2024, in partnership with Universidad EAFIT. This event is primarily aimed at early-career researchers, such as assistant professors, post-doctoral researchers, and doctoral students, with the goal of promoting the publication of conceptual and theoretical manuscripts in the Academy of Management Review (AMR). 

Although this IDW is open to anyone, preference will be shown to individuals from institutions based in Latin America and the Caribbean.  This is a unique opportunity for participants to develop ideas that will serve as the foundation for well-crafted manuscripts suitable for submission to the AMR. 

The IDW will feature panels presented by associate editors of the AMR and discussion groups where participants can submit their paper ideas and receive valuable feedback. 

The workshop will consist of two parts. We will first discuss general information about publishing in AMR, such as what makes a successful AMR paper, the main reasons that papers are rejected, and strategies for addressing the core challenges that editors and reviewers see in rejected papers. We will also discuss the specific challenges faced by scholars in emerging markets and opportunities to develop novel theories capitalizing on local contexts and problems. 

The second half of the workshop will entail roundtable discussions of theory ideas from the participants. We will match 4-6 participants with an Associate Editor or Editorial Review Board member. These groups will discuss the participants’ ideas and provide the participant with insight into how to clarify the paper idea and move the idea forward. Participation in this part of the workshop is limited to 55 participants. We will also implement a pilot program in which the more promising ideas will receive continuous developmental support and feedback after the workshop. Also, we will have a field visit to discuss how to theorize based on a local and unique context. 

While preference will be given to participants attending the IDW in person, remote participation will be possible for those who, for various reasons, cannot travel. Registration is mandatory for all participants and must be completed by October 3, 2024. 

For more information and to submit idea proposals, please visit the link below:  AMR Idea Development Workshop Colombia