RAC Opens Call for Papers for Special Issue   

| 01 Nov 2023

The Journal of Contemporary Administration (RAC) recently announced the opening of the call for papers for the next special issue of the journal. The theme of the issue is “Bioeconomy and Innovative and Sustainable Business in the Context of Natural Resource Management and Coping with Climate Change in the Amazon” and it is expected to be published in November/December 2024. Original submissions will be accepted until July 15, 2024, in Portuguese or English.   

For decades, there has been debate about the need to manage natural resources for sustainable regional development in the Amazon ans it’s surrounding areas. It is from this debate that the theoretical perspective of Bioeconomy emerges, an approach based on the understanding that the Amazon needs to use its sociobiological and cultural diversity to implement new and innovative business arrangements that reconcile nature conservation and regional culture with technological development. This proposition uses science, technology and innovation to support the rise of new businesses.   

The theme for the special edition of RAC was chosen in view of the broad spectrum of topics that the bioeconomy encompasses and with the aim of deepening the debate on the meaning of the bioeconomy from a positive and critical perspective, as well as discussing cases and proposals for innovative and sustainable businesses that dialogue with this concept in the Amazon. 

The articles developed should address, theoretically or empirically, the following topics related to the bioeconomy, sustainability and concerns about climate change in the Amazon:  

  • Circular economy; 
  • Creative economy; 
  • Ecological economy; 
  • Bioproducts and energy 
  • New business and use and exploitation of natural resources; 
  • Social and environmental impact businesses; 
  • Public policies and bioeconomy; 
  • Technology-based bioproducts; 
  • Local knowledge and appropriation of benefits; 
  • Carbon sequestration and local communities; 
  • Innovations in processes and services; 
  • Sociotechnical innovations and business emergence. 

Submissions must be made through RAC’s  ScholarOne platform, and the articles submitted must be originals that have never been published before and must comply with the RAC guidelines.  

Guest Editors:  

  • Mário Vasconcellos Sobrinho (UFPA, Brazil)  
  • Mariluce Paes-de-Souza (UNIR, Brazil)  
  • Ana Maria de Albuquerque Vasconcellos (UNAMA, Brazil)  
  • Irma Garcia-Serrano (UCE, Ecuador)  
  • Emilio F. Moran (MSU, United States; UNICAMP, Brazil)  

Access the full announcement of the call for papers for the special issue at: Call for Papers: Bioeconomy and Innovative and Sustainable Businesses in Context of Natural Resource Management and Climate Change in Amazon (zenodo.org)