PUC Minas is accepting applications for the lato sensu postgraduate course in Management.

| 02 Mar 2023

Enrollment is open for postgraduate courses at PUC Minas, starting classes in March 2023. About 170 courses are being offered in the Management area in face-to-face, live online, and Distance Learning modalities. Registration is free of charge at www.pucminas.br/pos.

The Institute of Continuing Education PUC Minas (IEC) offers for the next semester more than 150 courses in the area. The face-to-face model is the traditional one at the University. The live online modality happens synchronously, that is, simultaneously, with the presence of professors and students in a virtual classroom. In it, students have the opportunity to expand their network of contacts and meet professionals from the same area throughout Brazil. EaD courses are provided by PUC Minas Virtual.

In EaD classes are recorded and made available to students on an online platform, asynchronously; Assessments also take place remotely.

For more information, visit the website or call (31) 3319-4444.