Professor Patricia Guarnieri Visits CAPES Seeking Support for the SPELL Electronic Library  

| 06 Jun 2024

Professor Patricia Guarnieri, ANPAD’s Director of Communication and Publications, met with Andréa Carvalho Vieira, General Coordinator of the CAPES Periodicals Portal. The meeting, held at CAPES headquarters, aimed to discuss ways of support and collaboration in order to strengthen financial sustainability and enhance the SPELL Electronic Library.  

SPELL (Scientific Periodicals Electronic Library) is a free repository of scientific articles in the field of Public and Business Administration, Accounting and Tourism. Maintained by ANPAD, the library offers access to a vast collection of journals, facilitating the dissemination of knowledge in the Social Sciences. ANPAD, through SPELL, provides citation indexes and other metrics on registered journals on an annual basis. These metrics are essential for authors and editors, contributing to the continuous evaluation and improvement of scientific publications. 

During the meeting, proposals were discussed to strengthen SPELL’s infrastructure and ensure its ongoing development. The collaboration between CAPES and ANPAD is extremely important for maintaining and improving this repository, which facilitates access to quality scientific information and promotes the integration of the academic community in administration.  

Professor Patricia’s visit to CAPES is an important step towards ensuring the continuity and expansion of SPELL. The electronic library supports academic research and contributes to the professional development of master’s, doctoral and graduate students in administration and related areas. By providing free access to scientific articles, SPELL is an indispensable resource for the advancement of science and administrative practice in Brazil.  

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