Our annual event EnANPAD is already coming! Check the 2022 schedule!

| 14 Sep 2022

EnANPAD 2022 will happen between the 21st and 23rd of September, during the three days of the event there will be 9 interdivisional panels. The interdivisional panels will be streamed live on Youtube via the ANPAD channel for those who subscribed and later will be available to the general public on the same channel. At the end of the event, there will also be an award and closing ceremony, where the best works presented will be recognized. 

The 9 interdivisional panels schedule this year: 

1st day: 

  • 1st panel: “The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in action: A global perspective”  
  • 2nd panel: “Sustainability and Decolonization”  
  • 3rd panel: “Assessment and Prospects for Capes Area 27 


2nd day:  

  • 4th panel: “Reimagined Publishers/Research Community partnership: Looking at current grand challenges through SDGs lenses for the betterment of society” 
  • 5th panel: “Global Environmental Changes” 
  • 6th panel: “Populism and Democratic Backsliding” 
  • 7th panel: “Post-Pandemic Inclusion: Opportunities and Challenges”


3rd day: 

  • 8th panel: “The Adoption of Artificial Intelligence in Organizations and Society: Did what we learned in seven decades of Digital Transformation prepared us to understand this process?” 
  • 9th panel: “Art in Resource Development: The Value of Innovation, Technology and the Individual in the Organization”  


And to close the event on the third and last day of EnANPAD, during the night there will be an Award and Closing Ceremony, in which the current Executive Board of ANPAD will present a brief retrospective of the event and will reveal and deliver the following awards to the winners :  

  • Divisional awards: the best work of each Academic Division will be awarded.  
  • Clovis L. Machado-da-Silva Award: for the best work of the event, the award is sponsored by Emerald Publishing and will offer the winning work a prize of USD 1,500.00.  
  • A best article whose theme contributes to the understanding, analysis, and practical intervention regarding the construction of strategies and capacities in the Brazilian Public Administration: all papers sent to the event compete for the prize of R$ 4,000.00 offered by REPÚBLICA.ORG. 

Check the complete schedule including the international participants and speakers, other panels, time, and more on the event website.