ANPAD’s Inaugural Networking Reception at the 83rd Academy of Management Meeting

July – September 2023 Edition | Volume 3, Issue 3

The 83rd Academy of Management Meeting occurred from August 4-8, 2023, in Boston, Massachusetts (US). Scholars from around the world convene in one of the largest gatherings dedicated to the fields of administration and management studies globally. The Brazilian Academy of Management (ANPAD) participated in the event and hosted a reception on August 6, at the Sheraton Boston Hotel.

ANPAD co-hosted the reception with the Fundação Getulio Vargas’ São Paulo School of Business Administration (FGV EAESP) and Brazilian School of Public and Business Administration (FGV EBAPE), Fundação Dom Cabral, Insper, and the Federal University of Paraná (UFPR). Conceived by ANPAD’s President, Professor Alketa Peci, the unprecedented reception was included in the meeting’s official program. It aimed to showcase Brazilian academia, establish significant international connections, and offer a special occasion for networking and exchanging experiences and knowledge among national and international researchers and scholars. 

Another event that occurred as part of the program of the Academy of Management’s (AOM) gathering was the meeting of the members of the Forum for Leaders of the Academy’s Affiliated & Associated Societies. Professor Peci represented ANPAD in the meeting, which was attended by representatives from AOM, Asia Academy of Management (AAOM), European Group for Organizational Studies (EGOS), Africa Academy of Management (AFAM), Western Academy of Management (WAM), Australia & New Zealand Academy of Management (ANZAM), Southern Management Association (SMA), Indian Academy of Management (INDAM), Midwest Academy of Management (MWAOM), Italian Society of Management (SIMA), Iberoamerican Academy of Management (IBERO), and Eastern Academy of Management (EAM). 


The 83rd AOM Meeting was the setting for another significant event. Professor Maria Tereza Leme Fleury, ANPAD’s former director, received the IM Division Outstanding Service to the Global Community Award. The award ceremony took place on August 7, honoring Professor Fleury for her ongoing contributions to the international management community. The recipients of the awards presented by AOM’s International Management Division were chosen by the IM Division Professional Awards Committee. 

The 83rd AOM Meeting was a remarkable success, benefiting not only the event itself but also solidifying the partnership between ANPAD and AOM. Collaborations between national and international organizations are instrumental in advancing research in Brazil, offering domestic researchers opportunities to engage on a global scale, broaden the influence and importance of their work, and promote increased mobility for Brazilian researchers worldwide. 


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