Professional Development Workshops: The pre-event of EnANPAD 2021

July – September 2021 Edition | Volume 1, Issue 3

Preceding EnANPAD 2021, the Professional Development Workshops will take place between Sept. 29 and Oct. 01, 2021. 

 More  than  an  academic  event,  EnANPAD  has  always  been  a space  to  meet  dear  acquaintances,  find  out  what  is  happening  in  our  field,  and  meet new  people.  However,  for  the  second  year  in  a  row,  the  pandemic  forces  us  to  meet  online. To keep the community engaged and to bring cross-cutting themes of interest to various divisions, but otherwise unfeasibly approached with the due attention in the regular event, ANPAD’s new Board of Directors has challenged me to coordinate a pre-meeting: the Professional Development Workshops (PDWs). 

 From  September  29  to  October  1, 2021, ANPAD  will  hold  a  series  of  open  activities  aimed  to  explore  issues  affecting both students and faculty in our field. EnANPAD delegates  will  have  access  to  the  workshops through  the  event  platform,  while  the  public  will  enjoy  the  content  through ANPAD’s YouTube channel.  

With people from both inside and outside the academy,  the  round  tables were  arranged  to  be  diverse  in  various aspects,   including   gender,   race,   epistemological  and   methodological    heterogeneities,    and    people    at    the   beginning  of  their  careers. As  the  poet  Chico  Buarque  would say, “Evoe, young people at sight!” 

 On  the  first  day,  we will  explore  issues  related  to  the  job  market  after  the  doctorate.  For  example,  what  are the  prospects  in a  scenario  in  which  more  people  obtain  a  master’s  degree  and  a doctorate  degree  in  Administration,  but  fewer vacancies are open in higher education institutions? Is looking for alternatives abroad a solution? If so, what are the limits and possibilities? Can our graduates apply for positions in the non-academic market? Is there a “match” between the competences we are developing in our graduate programs and what non profit and for-profit companies expect? 

 On  the  second  day,  we  will  address  methodological  issues  at  the  frontier  of  knowledge  and  activities  of  interest  to both graduate program managers (e.g, international accreditation, government assessments and regulations, and interface with  undergraduate  studies)  and  researchers  in  the  field.  When it comes  to researchers,  female  PhDs  in  Administration, Accounting and Tourism have faced gender and racial violence, with women still being silenced in academia. Opening this space for dialogue, listening and reflection is essential to discuss the topic with due seriousness and eventually transform our surroundings. 

Finally, on the last day, we will hold the Doctoral Consortium. Coordinated by Professor Josiane Oliveria (PPA/UEM and PPGADM/UFG) and Professor Marcelo Pagliarussi (PPGCC/FEA-RP/USP), a diverse faculty will provide a series of activities to doctoral students from programs affiliated to ANPAD aiming to contribute to the development of their theses. 

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