The Journal of Contemporary Administration (RAC) was Accepted into Scopus

April – June 2022 Edition | Volume 2, Issue 2

The Journal of Contemporary Administration (Revista de Administração Contemporânea – RAC) was accepted into the Scopus database. This has been one of the journal’s goals since 2017, and the notification of acceptance was finally received on May 2, 2022. It is an accomplishment that shows RAC’s editorial quality evolution over time. RAC is a multi-handed construction, and many people collaborate for the journal’s development. Thus, on behalf of the journal, I would like to thank all the authors, readers, reviewers, administrative staff, editors, and ANPAD for contributing to consolidating RAC as one of the leading administration journals in Brazil and advancing its international recognition. Indexing in Scopus, together with being listed in the Academic Journal Guide – through the famous ABS list – means RAC is now on the radar of authors and readers around the world. 

The advancement in RAC’s prestige increases our responsibility to improve the quality of the published articles. In this sense, it is necessary to continue improving the submissions and the peer reviews. An editorial process where reviews can help authors develop their ideas and proposals is essential to obtaining quality studies worth publishing in our journal. 

Another point that needs to be reinforced is RAC’s focus and scope. The journal seeks to consolidate its identity as a platform for studies where administration themes are necessarily connected to debates on social issues and mitigating and overcoming such challenges, making RAC a publication committed to contemporaneity. It is concerned with exploring administration spaces beyond the limits of organizations, looking from the inside out. It is necessary to reflect on how administration and management relate to things that also happen outside organizations. This means that ethics, sustainability, and social responsibility concepts can guide managerial practices. As I usually say, it is more than just talking about it; we must concentrate the discourse on the practice. This is RAC’s primary interest when selecting what to publish. 

Finally, it is worth noting that RAC’s achievement of being part of the prestigious group of Brazilian journals indexed in Scopus shows the development of the quality of national journals and what they publish. Thus, the Brazilian administration academia has been growing and evolving significantly, taking as a reference international standards of research and publication. I recognize that our Brazilian administration community’s (relevant) criticisms about publications in English or about the excess of foreign words in our intellectual production are points of reflection that reveal challenges. On the other hand, there is no denying that we are also conquering international spaces with Brazilian journals that seek to operate within international standards. These journals can offer space and voice for national agendas within the international context, agendas that find little or no space in international journals (especially the most prestigious). RAC seeks to be a Brazilian journal of international standards in which the word “internationalization” means (necessarily) exchange and not submission or pure mimicry. 

This achievement represents a gift to celebrate RAC’s 25th anniversary, and we are thrilled! 


Prof. Marcelo de Souza Bispo (PPGA/UFPB) is RAC’s editor-in-chief for the 2021-2024 period. 

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