Registration Open for Lato Sensu Postgraduate Courses at PUC Minas

| 02 Jul 2024

PUC Minas is open for registration for lato sensu postgraduate courses, starting in the 2nd semester of 2024. There are various course options available in different formats: distance learning with video lessons, online with live classes, in-person, and hybrid, covering areas such as Management, Accounting, Finance, and Sales. Registration is free and can be done through the website 

The live online format occurs synchronously, allowing direct interaction between students and teachers at predefined times in a virtual environment. The distance learning format with video lessons offers flexibility, allowing students to access exclusive didactic material at any time. In this format, students have the support of a mentor professor to clarify doubts about the content and a tutor to assist with administrative issues. 

In-person courses are held in Belo Horizonte, at the Coração Eucarístico or Praça da Liberdade units. The hybrid format combines the benefits of live online, distance learning with video lessons, and in-person formats, with the workload equally divided among the three formats, offering a comprehensive and versatile experience. 

PUC Minas offers more than 35 areas of knowledge in its lato sensu postgraduate programs, including Architecture, Religious Studies, Social Sciences, Communication, Law, Education, Engineering, Environment, Health, Digital Technologies, among others. 

For more information and registration, visit or contact the Information Center at 0800 111 0013 or (31) 3319-4444.