Last weeks Call for Papers at EGEN 2023!

| 09 Jun 2023

The Management and Business Meeting (EGEN) is approaching the deadline for paper submission. The 2023 edition of this important scientific event will take place at the Federal University of Uberlândia in Uberlândia, MG, from September 4th to 6th, focusing on the ESG concept (Environmental, Social and Governance). Until June 30th, 2023, those interested in participating will be able to submit their work in the modalities articles, teaching cases and technical reports.   

The purpose of the Management and Business Meeting is to promote scientific debate, the dissemination of research and business practices, and to foster the integration between undergraduate and postgraduate programs in Management and Business, facilitating the discussion of ideas, dissemination of experiences and information about the fields of knowledge and practice in this area.    

The adoption of ESG practices has become increasingly common among companies. Among the benefits of incorporation are: attracting conscientious investors and consumers, improving the company’s reputation and image, reducing risks, and promoting sustainable development. Therefore, EGEN 2023 proposes to discuss the theme, the importance of adopting ESG practices and their impact on the ling-term sustainability of management activities.  


Check out the event’s thematic areas:  

  • Organizational Studies and Strategy;  
  • Finance, Accounting, and Economics;  
  • Environmental Management and Agribusiness;  
  • Information Management;  
  • Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship;  
  • People Management;  
  • Sports and Entertainment Management;  
  • Management and Public Policy;  
  • Marketing;  
  • Production and Logistics.  


More information is available on the event’s website!