In São Paulo, Prof. Emílio Arruda meets with faculty from Mackenzie University  

| 03 May 2024

On Tuesday afternoon, April 30, continuing his journey to publicize ANPAD’s work and bring the Association closer to postgraduate programs, Prof. Emílio Arruda met with members of the academic community at Mackenzie University, on the Higienópolis campus in São Paulo.   

The professor went to São Paulo to meet with the president of the national BRH with the aim of promoting the expansion of the ANPAD Test to the market and took advantage of the trip to meet with professors from associated programs in São Paulo and the region. During the conversation, Prof. Emílio presented ANPAD, the association’s work, the latest actions and projects for the future, including plans to use the ANPAD Test as a qualifying test, rather than as a barrier to entry into postgraduate studies.   

The meeting was attended not only by the program coordinators of the associated PPGs, but also by professors from the programs, with the aim of integrating the academic community into the discussion and listening to their opinions.  Present were members of Mackenzie’s PPGA, PPG-FCE and PPG-ADN; FECAP’s MPA and PMCC; UNINOVE’s PPGA and PPGP; ESPM’s PPGA and MPCC; UNIP’s PPGA; PUC-SP’s PPGA; FIA’s MPGN; FEA-USP’s PPGA and PPGPP/EACH-USP.  

In one of the most striking parts of the conversation, the CEO stressed the importance of bringing the community closer to ANPAD, to interact and integrate their needs.   

From left to right: Roberto Moori, Alexandre Garcia, Cristina Martens, Flavio Bizarrias, Darcy Hanashiro, Priscila da Costa, Diogenes Bido, Octavio de Mendonça Neto, Alexandre Cappellozza, Marci Machado, Luciano da Silva, Fernando Serra, Isabel Scafuto, Emilio Arruda Filho, Belmiro N. João, Elza Veloso, Gilberto Perez, Wilson Nakamura, Felipe Borini, Paulo Romaro, Renata Bichir, Francisco Serralvo