In Brasilia, Prof. Emílio Arruda advocates for more resources for research in the area of Administration and Accounting Sciences during a meeting at CNPq   

| 26 Apr 2024

Last Thursday (25), Prof. Emílio José Montero Arruda Filho, ANPAD’s President-Elect, participated in a meeting at the CNPq headquarters in Brasília – DF, with the aim of discussing the provision of research productivity grants in Administration and Accounting Sciences.   

The meeting was an initiative of ANPAD and ANPCont, together with the Coordinator of the CNPq’s Advisory Committee on Administration, Accounting and Economics (CA-AE). The meeting aimed to highlight the importance of allocating resources more fairly and proportionally to these scholarships, recognizing the fundamental role of both areas in scientific development.  

Along with Professor Emílio Arruda, those attending the meeting included Prof. Marcelo Botelho da Costa Moraes, President of the Association of Graduate Programs in Accounting (ANPCONT), Prof. Hudson Fernandes Amaral, Coordinator of the CA-AE of the CNPq, Prof. Ricardo Magnus Osório Galvão, President of the CNPq, and Prof. Olival Freire Junior, Scientific Director of the CNPq.  

The meeting marked another important action by ANPAD’s current board of directors on behalf of our field, reaffirming its commitment to strengthen the field and encourage progress in research. 

In the picture, from left to right: Prof. Olival Freire Junior, Prof. Marcelo Botelho da Costa Moraes, Prof. Emílio José Montero Arruda Filho, Prof. Ricardo Magnus Osório Galvão, Prof. Hudson Fernandes Amaral