How marketing can bring more value to organizations

| 12 Aug 2022

Social media are an important communication and marketing channel for organizations today. Focusing on these channels is a priority for thousands of managers in the area, mainly because research shows that good engagement through these channels is capable of bringing good sales results to the business.

Stanford University research has shown that “personality content”, or content made to suit a particular brand, delivers high engagement on social media for the company. With more engagement, the algorithms will drive the content even further, and consequently, there will be an increase in content delivery to potential consumers.

The study also emphasizes the importance of this kind of data study for the marketing area, because, with it, it is possible to understand the consumers’ behavior. But the researchers also make it clear that to make better use of them, it is necessary to provide good training for those who work with these metrics.

Managers and leaders who occupy this strategic position in marketing play a key role in generating value for the brand. With this in mind, Janet Balis, leading consultant at the multinational EY’s and advisor at the Harvard Business School Digital Initiative, wrote for the Harvard Business Review about five main points that leaders should pay attention to when they are creating value through marketing. The article “5 Ways Marketing Leaders Can Drive More Value in 2022” discusses the:

  • Marketing generates high revenues for the company,
  • Legitimate marketing domain,
  • Digital transformation is essential,
  • Innovation is essential,
  • Data is important, but creativity must not be forgotten.

Making decisions faster and faster is part of the marketing area and it is getting more multivariable, connected, and complex to do it. The leaders who develop these five points strategically will transform their companies and unlock new levels of value creation.

Finally, Balis also explains that leaders should be concerned about taking risks. Reconciling creativity and data/technology is an example of a risk that can bring significant results to the company.

The complete study is available here for you.

To access the Stanford University research, visit the website.