Entries are open for the 3rd Budget, Guaranteeing Rights and Combating Inequalities Prize!  

Diversity & Sustainability
| 22 Mar 2024

Promoted by the National Association of Planning and Budget Career Servants (Assecor), the Tide Setubal Foundation, the Brazilian Association of Black Researchers (ABPN) and the Black Economists Network (REPP), the Budget, Guaranteeing Rights and Combating Inequalities Award seeks to identify, systematise and disseminate innovative approaches to thinking about and implementing the public budget. The aim is to inspire academics and public managers in their practice.    

The award follows the criteria of affirmative action in the awards, which seeks to guarantee the representation of minority groups such as blacks, indigenous people, trans people and people with disabilities among the awardees.  

Eight manuscripts will be selected that address the theme of Public Finance committed to the country’s social development, the fight against inequalities of race, gender and income, and the guarantee of rights for the Brazilian population. The value of the prizes varies according to the placement of the participants:   

  • 1st – R$ 20 thousand   
  • 2nd – R$ 15 thousand   
  • 3rd – R$ 10 thousand   
  • 4th to 8th – R$ 5 thousand   

Submissions of manuscripts related to at least one of the following sub-themes of interest will be accepted:    

  • Public budget, democracy and guarantee of rights;  
  • Tax system, public debt and fiscal policy to promote equity;   
  • New financial arrangements for implementing sectoral policies; 
  • Budget issues, the executive-legislative relationship and equity, efficiency and effectiveness in the allocation of public resources.  


Papers related to Brazilian cases can be submitted, developed individually or in co-authorship with up to two authors. The award encourages submissions by women, black people, people with disabilities, LGBTQIA+ and immigrants. Each candidate can submit only one work.   

Don’t miss the deadline for entries, check out the regulations and submit your article at https://www.premioorcamentoedireitos.com/.