Corporate Sustainability: the importance of managing sustainable businesses

Diversity & Sustainability
| 12 Aug 2022

Sustainability refers to the ability to maintain or support a process continuously over time and it seeks to prevent the depletion of natural or physical resources so that they will remain available for the long term. This word is also used to design other concepts: Sustainable Development, Corporate Sustainability, Sustainable Business, and others.

The world is looking for alternative solutions for environmental and social issues, and yes, social too, because sustainability goes beyond climate change. According to a report provided annually by Google, the word “sustainability” was one of the most searched on the platform during the year 2021*.

And you’ve certainly heard about the ESG term, but do you know what it means and how important it is for corporate sustainability?

ESG is the acronym for “environmental, social and governance”**, used to guide a company’s environmental, social, and governance practices.

When we talk about sustainability, these three topics are what we want to impact. A sustainable business needs to be aligned and concerned with the environment, the social sphere, and governance. What are the practices and initiatives that your company, business, or institution are doing to promote sustainable development? This is a task that requires project management knowledge and skills to deliver the results your workplace needs.

Actions like:

  • Rethink which packaging your company can use to have less of an impact on the environment
  • Implement inclusion and diversity actions in the workplace
  • Position the company with the sustainable market

These are some examples of initiatives allied to ESG that promote the corporate sustainability of a business.

At ANPAD we are committed to sustainable management and we invite you to participate in our annual meeting, EnANPAD 2022, where we will discuss some topics related to this topic. To participate in the event, please register on our website.

You can also learn more about inclusion in the ANPAD’s Diversity Program by clicking here.