B3 publics a guide about how to incorporate a sustainable agenda in companies

Diversity & Sustainability
| 10 Oct 2022

The official Brazilian stock exchange, B3 (Brasil, Bolsa, Balcão), recently released the third edition of the guide to Sustainability and ESG Management in companies. The guide, named “Sustainability and ESG Management in Companies: How to start, who to involve and what to prioritize”, discusses sustainability and ESG, responsible investment, in addition to bringing 14 steps with guidelines to help companies incorporate the sustainable agenda in management. According to B3, the document aims to share and disseminate knowledge, reflections, and best practices on the subject, which can contribute to the trajectory of differentiation, continuity, and value creation of large, medium, and small companies.

ESG is an abbreviation for Environmental, Social, and Governance. ESG management has practices aimed at social responsibility, sustainability, and more humane management of the company. These values are increasingly demanded in our current society and should not be neglected. That is why more and more companies adhere to this type of management, and B3 is one of Brazil’s main incentives for this new management model.

Access the guide.