ANPAD’s Test

The ANPAD Test was created in 1987 as a nationwide proficiency test that aims to assess participants’ performance in specific subjects.

It is currently used in the selection processes of Master’s and Ph.D. programs in public and business administration, accounting, and related areas of Brazil’s most important public and private higher education institutions.

The Test result can also be used by other institutions and organizations interested in improving their selection processes, such as universities and private research centers.

Currently, the ANPAD Test is applied in two modalities:

  • Academic Orientation: aimed at academic masters and PhDs; and
  • Professional Orientation: aimed at professional masters and PhDs.

There is no limit to the number of times the ANPAD Test can be taken. The results are valid for up to two years, and each institution has the autonomy to define the test that will be accepted within the validity period.

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